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Our objective is to bring more customers to you. We work with our partners every step of the way to ensure you’re engaging with our million peak monthly visitors.

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Partner Benefits

Expand your reach and attract new customers with CashChanger.

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Get discovered online and generate additional business

By listing your money changer on CashChanger, we increase your visibility online. As CashChanger always ranked No.1 when customer search for "Money Changer"

Establish credibility

Businesses with complete online listings are seen by consumers as more reliable and reputable

Free Rates Board and is Internet enabled

For limited time only. We will build a rate board for you when you list on CashChanger. Our rate board is Internet enabled - You can set your rates anywhere using smartphone or computer.

Single update

With our rate board connected to CashChanger, you only need to update your rates all in one place.

More features and future upgrades

We are constantly trying to boost your business and bring more customer to your shop. And more improvements are coming. Have any suggestions? We are willing to listen.

helps businesses grow.

  • No subscription for partnership.

  • We will never charge for online listing.

  • Most of our service are free.

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Go Digital.

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